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Trade Names Satisfied the VW Material Standard
Material Trade Name Characteristics Standard
Plating ABS 713    
Heat Resistance ABS 730 Heat TL527
H2938 Medium Heat,High Impact TL527A
527A Medium Heat,High Impact TL527A
HU600 Ultra High Heat,High Impact TL527B
Low gloss &Heat Resistance ABS H2938Z Medium Heat,High Impact,Low Gloss TL527A
HU600Z Ultra High Heat,Low Gloss TL527B
Blow Molding PC/ABS HAC8240B Blow Moldable and Paintable,High Impact TL52231
General PC/ABS HAC8240 General Purpose TL52231
HAC8250 High Hea,High Impact TL52231A
HAC8260 Ultra High Heat TL52231B
HAC8265P High Heat,High Hydrostability TL52231A
Low Gloss PC/ABS HAC8250Z High Heat,Low Gloss TL52231A
HAC8260Z Ultra High Heat,Low Gloss TL52231B
Plating PC/ABS HAC8244 Chrome Plateable,High Impact TL52231
High Heat PA/ABS HNB0270 Low Gloss,UV stabilized
,Excellent Chemical Resistance
Heat Resistance ASA XC811 High Heat,High UV TL52231
XC811-HW High Heat,Ultra High UV TL52231
Low Gloss PC/ASA HSC7079Z High Heat,Low Gloss TL52652&TL52426
Antistatic PC/ASA HSC7079V Antistatic,High Heat,Low Gloss TL52652&TL52426
High Heat PC/PET HTC6060 High Impact,High Heat,Excellent Chemical Resistance TL52652&TL52631
Modified PMMA HAM8580 Ultra Excellent Weather Resistance TL52671-B


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